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The Republicans like to talk about running government "like a business". They do it, too.

Here's the thing, though: if you think you understand what they mean, you probably have it backwards. Businesses are supposed to make their customers' lives better in some way. Do the Republicans?

They don't want to spend money fixing roads and bridges, making efficient water, power, and data pathways, and thereby making U.S. infrastructure the envy of the world.

They don't want to provide excellent health care for the citizenry of the U.S., the way every other major nation does.

They don't want to provide security from a merciless world with physical and economic catastrophes.

Instead, they say that there are freeloaders, who don't pay Federal Income Tax. It doesn't matter if those people are good, hardworking folks who do good work for their employers and in their communities. What matters is, they're not bringing in revenue.

They want to cut all forms of the safety net, claiming that people are overusing them, and without them, those people would go out and work; they assume that people are lazy and undisciplined, and that's why they aren't wealthy, and that's why they need to suffer - to teach them to work harder! And if they're already working hard, well they must be doing something wrong, or why are they having problems?

Have you figured out yet what they mean by "government like a business?"

They want to cut Medicaid, changing it from benefits to contributions - they will only contribute, not promise that the contribution will do anything. They want to cut Medicare the same way - they'll define a contribution to provide, not a benefit. And they want to make people work harder, and longer, for fewer Social Security benefits.

Is the idea starting to rise up? Do you now realize what they mean, "government like a business"? Haven't you seen this behavior before, people complaining about folks who aren't producing enough, and insisting that everyone has to provide more for themselves, because benefits are being cut?

When Republicans realized that President Obama had the opportunity to fill a lot of federal court openings, they realized they could simply refuse to do their jobs, so they didn't. Is that a big clue for you? It should be....

See, the one thing people can't do, if they're running a business is anger their customers by refusing to do their jobs.

Now the Republicans are threatening the health of millions, and this will lead to thousands of deaths. You can't do that to your customers - taking away things that they value, and replacing them with items of far less value, that will cause massive harm through your customer base. You need to keep making improvements - or your customers will go somewhere else.

And if that doesn't sew up the argument, well, I don't know what else does. The Republicans are running government like a business. And they think that the American people are their employees. People to be used up, and tossed aside - people whose benefits are to be cut, and whose health and well being aren't concerns - if they don't like where they're "working", they can leave!

They think they're the bosses, and citizens are the workers, to be used, and abused, and fired whenever is convenient. No wonder they like Trump!
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