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I imagine it would be on nice stationery, elegant looking, but, dare I say it, conservative in appearance, in an easy, sparse script. The wording is my own, and I'm sure were the actual letter written, it would be far better.

And I'm sure the imagined letter would never be sent, for the imagined author has class. Still:

"Dear Donald,

"I understand a lot about how you feel about the investigations surrounding you. To have the news media constantly speaking about this scandal, and that scandal, and raising the specter of charges being filed... you can't help but wonder if some of the people who voted for you, and believed in you, are starting to doubt that you are the man they thought you were.

"The constant scrutiny, and the frequent headlines are hard to put up with. I know - probably no one knows better than I. Even if you are innocent, and know that no charges could be brought against you by an honest prosecutor, it still rankles: both that you are being investigated, and that so many people are talking about it and speculating about what evil things you might have done.

"To this, I can only summon all of the wisdom I have gained through a long live facing many adversaries, and say:"

"SUCK IT DONNY BOY! You knew damn well I'd never committed a crime, but you loved pretending an investigation was a terrible thing. But don't worry: if you go to jail, I'll be sure to see you off to custody. Let's see how you like a few chants of 'Lock him up!'

"Most Sincerely,

"Hillary Rodham Clinton"
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