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The lying liberal media strikes again!

Scott Pruitt didn't say that there had been a gain of 50,000 coal jobs! He'd said that total coal jobs were over 50,000! How *dare* the liberal media take him out of context, and make it sound like he told a ridiculously transparent lie about adding coal jobs!

Look at the quote: he says that there have been over 50,000 since last quarter - PERIOD! Then he says there have been coal jobs, mining jobs, created - a good 400 in the last month alone!

They're just trying to be "politically correct" by claiming that coal jobs aren't coming back. Well, they aren't, but that doesn't mean Pruitt is wrong! He said only that 50,000 people have coal jobs! When you're dealing with a liberal witch hunt, you can hardly expect him to say "there's been tiny uptick in coal jobs, barely worth mentioning." That's what the LIEberals want! They want to destroy Donald Trump's presidency just because it looks like he and his team were working with a known enemy of the US, and because he lied about pretty much everything, like bringing back coal jobs.

Well, DONALD TRUMP is not lying about coal jobs here! Scott PRUITT is the one who's speaking! And he's not lying either! Just saying that "there are now more than 50,000 coal jobs", in hopes that people will think there's been a boom in coal jobs, isn't lying! Only the politically correct think you should be forthright and honest, and we threw that out when we elected Trump, amirite?

Besides, do you want the liberals to get back in office? Do you know what they'll do? They'll try to find other jobs - jobs that can be sustained in the long term! But what you want is COAL. COAL! COAL COAL COAL! It's too cheap to be worth much, and it will all go away pretty darn soon, but hey, people should promise you jobs in a dying industry so you'll vote for them - without a bunch of LIEBERALS injecting FACTS into the discussion! You know who uses facts? The ELITES who tell you coal is a DYING INDUSTRY just because it is!

For the sarcasm impaired: yes, this *is* satire. Pruitt did, in fact, lie by any meaningful use of the word, trying to make it sound like the 49,000+ jobs that already existed were just recently added.
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