Date: 2017-06-06 07:42 am (UTC)
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Heinlein understood, on an intellectual level, why a guaranteed income was a good idea... but he would have looked down on those who were contented with that alone. He was always in favor of striving - he believed that striving was what made people truly human.

Why should people be able to live without working? Well, for one thing, the average Paleolithic hunter/gatherer satisfied his or her material needs with only a few hours of "work" a day. For another, there have been many times when I have (metaphorically) complained to the Goddess that, in a well-designed universe, nobody should have to work for anything - food, water, shelter, books, toys, love. For a third thing, the human race already has the capacity to provide something pretty close to those conditions - it's malfunctions of distribution that cause local scarcities.

The capitalists who want to keep people controllable by forcing them to "work or die" aren't long for this world. As I've said before, capitalism itself isn't long for this world. I have no idea how it's going to be dismantled, nor what's going to take its place, but I'm looking forward to the change.

(Yes, we are being "optimist vs. pessimist", as [personal profile] gingicat put it, again!)

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