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About "outrage"

So, I have something to say about this.

First, this:
In addition to gratuitously playacting one of the most vile, grotesque and evil acts of violence one could -- against any human, let alone the President -- Griffin has also managed to weaken good arguments against Trump's intolerance and the intolerance of some of his supporters.

...is stone cold stupid. Flat out idiotic. No, not just the awkward construction in the first part that suggests "this sentence no verb", I mean the ideas behind it.

The arguments against Trump's intolerance and that of some of his supporters is not undermined because someone else does something ugly. "Two wrongs don't make a right", Cupp... sorry your parents didn't teach you that, or you'd know that one wrong doesn't make another, unrelated wrong, more right, nor weaken arguments against it.

...if you think the President should take more seriously his role in tamping down violence and hate across the country, as I do, stunts such as this are a serious setback.

This is an implicit statement that Trump is such an immature narcissist that he won't do his duties if his precious fee-fees are hurt, and if that's what a person truly believes, they should be asking - demanding - that Trump step down.

The Presidency has no place for a person so pathetically, morally weak, that he won't act unless his fee-fees are fluffed[1].

Finally: I've noticed there's a pattern here.

Conservatives trumpet that "liberals want Terri Schiavo to die" while they tell blatant lies about her legal proceedings and medical condition. Do they apologize for such a hideous slander? Of course not.

George W. and the GOP leadership lied the US into war, gleefully causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Are they called upon to apologize? Of course not.

At soi disant "conservative" rallies, there are bumper stickers and placards reading vile things like "Liberal Hunting Permit" and "Tree, rope, journalist: some assembly required." Are any in the GOP called to account, and asked to reject such vileness? Of course not.

A comedian makes a photo that's in bad tastes, without any actual malice, and, wow, step back, *that* is a story.

I opined in another forum that "I suppose that if journalists called upon the GOP to denounce the vile behavior of their supporters, they'd have time to do nothing else," referring to the GOP (though it would keep a bunch of reporters busy too!).

And then I realized: wow, the GOP then couldn't pass a massive upper-class tax cut, that, as a side effect, might toss 20+ million people off their health insurance, and let them die from manageable diseases, or from issues requiring high cost intervention (cancer, post-heart attack rehab, etc.).

(Oh, come now - you don't think the AHCA has anything to do with health care, do you? The GOP has whined about replacing Obamacare for many years and they still don't have a plan, just a pile of empty talking points. Oh, and a braggart who insists that this is a wonderful health care plan, but that's Trump, who will say that black is white if it benefits him, and seems to believe his own crap doesn't stink - or, perhaps, that when it does, it's the worst stink ever recorded in the history of humanity - so he doesn't really count, except, on a good day, up to 20. (21 is probably unachievable, given the size of his gut[2].)

So: Journalists, you now have a duty. It's true: some leftish folks don't like the racism and bigotry shown by some of Trumps followers, and find it head-poundingly puzzling that the rest don't demand better behavior from their leader - and only slightly less puzzling that they don't demand their leader be a better man, and thus, reject Trump.

Why not start digging into the 25+ year history of hatred-of-liberals? Why not start asking the GOP if they will denounce the many examples of hate and bigotry? And, when they don't denounce it, piously ask why they don't denounce the hatred of the millions of people - several million more than elected Trump, in fact - just because they have some differences of opinion?

I mean, heck, journalists, you won't even ask politicians "Do you believe abortion is murder? Because western civilization has a long standing belief that it's okay to perform violence to prevent actual murder. If you think that violence shouldn't occur simply because it's "illegal" doesn't that mean that you'd have expected people not to resist during the Nazi reign of Germany, so long as the law supported what was happening?"

I mean, seriously - isn't that a damn good question to ask? "Why do you use such violent imagery about abortion - a mom brutally murdering her innocent baby! - and then whine when someone posted an ugly picture of your beloved leader, President Trump?"

I can't support or defend what Kathy Griffin did. But I find the outrage inappropriately unbalanced. If we're going to be outraged over icky, potentially hateful, imagery, we should always be so outraged... not just when we have someone who's decent enough to admit it was a mistake, squirm, feel guilt, and apologize abjectly. Sure, it's not as amusing to see a person defend hatred and hating, rather than watch someone publicly shamed - but the truth isn't supposed to be "amusing".

The Congress won't even investigate Trump, hoping it might clear his name, much less hold him in check, because it's controlled by the GOP. And the GOP won't even urge Trump to grow up and be a man. Trump sure isn't going to lead - not in any direction any sane person should follow. The courts have limited power, especially when the Congress can pass new laws to overrule them.

That means someone has to stand up. And though I wouldn't want the job myself, if you asked to be a journalist reporting national news, you asked for this part of the job, however painful and difficult it may be. It's time to do it. The GOP won't be good men and women - so journalists have to step in, to show how it's done.

[1] Yes, that is a reference to a particular backstage porn activity, chosen deliberately.
[2] No, that's not a fat-joke - it's a joke about how, since he probably can't see it, he can't use it to count, and *needs* a representative digit to get past fingers and toes. If he was a thinner dude, it would be that he "can't count to 21 while wearing underpants". Though I suppose you could demand I admit he could make 21 if wearing one of those ridiculously long ties of his while barefoot....)