LongHairedWeirdo ([personal profile] longhairedweirdo) wrote2017-05-27 03:04 pm

Treason? No, but....

Is Donald Trump a traitor?

I suppose since Trump is so excited by libel laws, I should start this by saying "I have no reason to think so, so 'no'".

And I have no reason to think so - so, "no".

I do think he's the kind of fool who could easily become one, without ever planning or intending to be one - but I don't think he is. He does scare me, as he did before the election, that he was so sure of himself that he could be played by the Russians easily. They'd make it sound like it was good for the US and for Russia, and he'd be sure he was getting the better of them... because they'd figure out how to make it look that way to him. I think he could be played. Of all of the Presidential candidates I've known in my lifetime, he's the only oneI feel afraid for because I fear he could become an accidental traitor - thinking he was playing the Russians, while they were playing him.

Still, I ask that question because it shows a difference between the left, and the right, in this nation. If Donald Trump had a "(D)" after his name, you know that the question would be in multiple headlines. Let's face it: he's praised Putin, he had people working for him with multiple contacts to Russia, he "accidentally" spilled classified information to the Russians, he's constantly talked about how nice it would be to have better relations with Russia, and he fired a "nut job" who was bringing a lot of pressure to bear on an investigation of Russian involvement.

If a Democrat did this, people would be stating that we can't trust him, or at least admitting it does look bad and does raise questions. The Republicans would be investigating left and right, and if their investigations came up empty, they'd start a new one, just as they did during Benghazipalooza.

But that's not happening now. People are demanding investigations; they're demanding the truth; that's it. There's a lot of stuff that looks bad, and needs to be figured out; what we know about Trumps actions push a strong possibility of obstruction of justice. That's proceeding - that's how politics is supposed to work.

But there isn't a wide spread set of conspiracies and nasty accusations, "red meat for the bases" flowing, because the Democrats aren't into "red meat", they're into good governance, good labor practices, fair regulations, and sound federal budgeting. They want to keep the extra 20 million people insured by the Affordable Care Act to keep being insured, rather claiming they'll "improve access" by letting insurance companies sell crappy policies dirt cheap, and not forcing them to take on people with pre-existing conditions - those are bad for profits, after all.

Sorry - got distracted! The point is, the Democrats aren't governing by whipping up their supporters into believing the Republicans are a bunch of evildoers, and the President is a traitor - they are more into letting the evidence determine what they believe.

Think about it: Hillary Clinton never tried to share classified information with anyone; she did nothing illegal by continuing to use her old, familiar, e-mail server... and yet, there are many people who want to see the President "lock her up!" That should scare people. They won't just insinuate, and sow doubts, and fears. They'll actually convince a lot of the nation that an innocent woman who is a political opponent should be in jail.

This isn't rational behavior - but it works, because most people don't have long memories of political dust-ups, and their base doesn't care - they've been told Democrats are not just wrong, but evil, for some 25 years, so even if they kinda-realize that Hillary Clinton committed no crimes, they are willing to play along.

Now, with evidence of real crimes staring us in the face, crimes that put our national security at risk, they continue to support, and to denounce those asking fair, honest questions of, Donald Trump - the man who clearly tried to influence the investigation, into Russian interference in the election, and of his associates who had clear Russian connections. The man incompetent enough to spill classified information to Russian officials, and then confirm part of their expected findings.

There's always a double standard; tiny things will tend to get overlooked; bigger things tend to get downplayed; but in a healthy society, serious accusations are treated seriously, and that's not happening.

And what can be done? Well, the Democrats could start playing the same game, trying to whip up hatred for the other side - but that's bad for the nation.

What I feel they should do is stop respecting Republican investigations, or accepting Republican intransigence about investigating. They should be pointing out that for a tenth of the evidence, Republicans would be screaming bloody murder over Democrats, and are trying to sweep it under the rug for Republicans. It's not like the press will ever notice if someone isn't saying it! I'm not sure why they're doing that - I think they keep hoping things will go back to "normal" - but "normal" is "false accusations of criminal activity against Democrats, and ignoring wrongdoing by Republicans". That's not good enough.

Of course, we could also hope that the press wakes up and starts reporting on what things are clearly partisan witchhunts, like Benghazipalooza, and noting that, yeah, what Trump did looks like an actual crime.

In the end, though, the big change has to be in the American people. They have to wake up, and notice the differences - and notice the kind of nastiness the Republicans take for granted, while noticing that, no, both sides aren't the same. Only the Republicans could have supported Trump; and that supporting Trump shows how bad Republicans have become. Americans need to wake up - and if you're reading this, I hope you'll help them along.