Date: 2017-04-17 12:34 pm (UTC)
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Buddhism and Hinduism both have extreme ascetics - holy men (it's almost always men) who sleep on a bed of nails, or live outdoors wearing only a loincloth despite the weather, or spend 25 years standing on one leg while the other one atrophies, or stupid things like that, in the belief that such suffering will make them so holy that they can skip an incarnation or two. Christians have flagellants, or people who pray standing up with their arms outstretched like the crucified Jesus for hours at a time. All the major religions favor fasting and celibacy :-(

Oddly enough, Onan's sin was not "spilling his seed upon the ground" in the sense of masturbation. According to Jewish law, he was obligated to have sex with his brother's childless widow, and if she conceived, the child would be brought up as the offspring of the deceased brother. Onan didn't want a potential son of his to be credited to his brother, so he pulled out before he had completely consummated the act... and his seed fell upon the ground, greatly annoying his sister-in-law, the widow.

In both Judaism and Islam, the marriage rules aren't because fucking is the holiest thing you can do - they're entirely about property. A man's wives are his property, the same as his camel or his house. Their primary duty was to give birth to sons (daughters could not inherit, nor pass on the family name), and secondarily to do all the domestic chores. All of the rules about virginity (up to and including vaginal mutilation), faithfulness, modesty, etc., were there to insure that the sons were HIS. His sexual pleasure wasn't even worth bothering to mention - and if he had sex with a woman he wasn't married to, he suffered nothing worse than paying a fee, while she was executed for adultery.

I'm a Wiccan, but I'm also an agnostic; I have no logical, demonstrable proof that any of my spiritual experiences have been anything but wishful thinking and/or hallucinations. I don't believe existence has any "purpose" or "meaning" - it just exists, and that's enough. I believe that we ought to spend our lives trying to make this world a better place, or at least try our damnedest not to make it worse, and have as much fun as possible while we're at it.

I also believe I'd like it a lot if you'd "grant access" and "subscribe" to my Dreamwidth... :-)

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