Date: 2017-04-16 10:12 am (UTC)
acelightning: inverted US flag (distress signal) with "Is It 2021 Yet?" (2020)
From: [personal profile] acelightning
Logically, people who are against abortion ought to be enthusiastically in favor of contraception, because the more successful a woman is at birth control, the less likely she is to want an abortion. But anti-abortion folks are just as vehemently anti-contraception - some of them go so far as to call it murder as well... and some of the really far-out ones might even believe that every menstrual period is murder, because according to God's commandment, not fertilizing every ovum and bringing it to birth is a form of murder!

Do you notice an underlying pattern? The Religious Right's deepest priority is that women must not be allowed to control their own fertility, or even their own sexual behavior. The patterns of relationships described in the Old Testament, and still practiced in most Islamic nations today, should be enforced by secular law. When a man is in the presence of a woman, he feels lust, but lust is a sin, which means that women are inherently sinful and evil. Therefore women must be controlled by men.

It goes even deeper, though, than men controlling women's behavior. The unspoken belief underneath even this is that sex is bad. All of the Abrahamic religions have that buried in their holy teachings. And if you go even deeper, it becomes "Pleasure is bad, which means that suffering is good!" (I have no idea how Buddhism adopted this principle as well.)

As a Pagan, I believe that the very fact that our bodies are capable of feeling pleasure indicates that we're supposed to! Not only that, but, as long as nobody's harmed in the process, "all acts of love and pleasure" are HOLY - it's self-denial, ascetism, and "mortification of the flesh" that are sinful! So why and how did so much of the human race get suckered into joylessness, repression, suffering, and violence? How did it get so fucked up???

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