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If you don't know The Rude Pundit, let's just say that his nom du blog is probably even more accurate than mine. His words are not work-safe (though, as mostly text, the site tends to be), and I'm sure he has things that he just won't say, even in satire or parody, but if so, I really don't want to know anything about them, because, ew. He goes there. (He's also funny. Let me warn you: you don't get to support Rush "Liberals are evil" Limbaugh, claiming he's just an entertainer, and dis The Rude Pundit; use of naughty words and rude imagery are protected by the same First Amendment that protects Limbaugh.)

Anyway: credit where it's due - http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-red-trunk-project-small-good-thing.html - this sounds like an awesome, awe-inspiring idea that I haven't heard about, despite breezing through a bunch of lefty blogs. A tip of the hat to warmth and wonder from a source you might not expect it from. (I'm not surprised at his plugging of this project, mind you; weirdness sees stuff that normal doesn't. I just said that you might not expect it!)
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