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As you know, the House GOP has a serious stance regarding accountability over ethics and corruption. They're against it

And the media has a serious stance about holding politicians accountable. They report that the House GOP leadership "spoke against it" - without noting, of course, that the ballot was secret, and those same leaders could have voted in favor.

Some also jumped on how Trump sent a tweet and they backed down. And the Post, at least,
tells the story better than others. Some insisted Trump's tweet was key in defeating this ploy.

It would be politically incorrect, and quite rude to point out that Trump could have orchestrated his tweet with Republican House members who knew they'd have to reverse course.

Oh: Did you realize Trump could have orchestrated this with other Republicans who realized that it was doomed? So, this could be a bit of kabuki theater where no one can get blamed for the vote (remember: secret ballot!) but they can help cover Trump in glory by convincing people that he gets things done.

Let's look over Trump's wins. He got his Veep-elect to bribe Carrier to keep some (but certainly not all!) jobs they'd planned to move (and took credit for saving jobs they never planned to move in the first place!).

He's gotten some people to make announcements regarding jobs - here, there is no direct evidence of bribery, but remember the President is in charge of regulatory agencies. They get to decide if people are following the regulations that keep the American people safe. And we know every big business whines about how they could make so much more money, if they didn't have to worry about harming people... so, I'll call it a bribe. "The President owes you a favor" is a big deal even if you don't plan to use it to escape penalties for lawbreaking.

And he sent a tweet that happened to mirror public opinion, just as people were already deciding to scrap a bad idea.

I'm probably being viciously partisan, or maybe "shrill" when I point out that this looks a lot like the GOP is trying to seize the news cycle rather than trying to do anything to help the American people, or American workers.

If so, I'll cop to that accusation - because that's what the Republicans do! They try to seize the "narrative". And if you don't watch out for them, they just might suck you in.

Date: 2017-01-10 12:55 pm (UTC)
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Trump's doing some fairly classic propaganda tactics, updated for the 21st century.

Meanwhile, he's pretty much copying the way in which Putin consolidated power, after he reclaimed the Presidency of the Russian Federation. Watch, carefully, whether his family members actually get the appointments they're offered. His daughter just announced she won't be taking a position in the White House. There's likely to be quite a lot of sleight-of-hand going on, starting very soon (well, it's already started.) It would be tactically advantageous to direct public ire at the nepotism as a smoke screen, only to have his relatives 'realize' suddenly that it's a bad idea, or perhaps just decide not to accept their appointments. This could then be presented as Trump being 'not so bad' as people feared. And then, with the public reassured, the media could drop most of their coverage of the vetting process, and the appointees who otherwise would never make it through the vetting process would be far more likely to sail through the process.

One of the things that the Left is rather foolish about is that they believe that GOP politicians are stupid. The party leaders aren't stupid at all. They're very, very good at ratfucking, and have been at least since the Nixon administration.

The second thing is there's a lot of sleight-of-hand going on regarding just who's running the appointment process, and who's going to be running the country on a day-to-day basis. There are a lot of distractions going on, designed to get the public used to ignoring outcries regarding what the new administration and congress are doing. They wanted to gut the House Ethics Office? Everyone roared in outrage. So, just before they reversed their position, Trump tweeted against it. Then they reversed course. Trump took credit for protecting the vetting process. Later, once the public is sick to death of political outcries and starts believing that the causes of the outcries will just magically be reversed (as they always are,) they'll quietly gut the office, but keep it around in case the opposition gains power again. Then one of their last acts will be to restore the office's teeth.

To see what Trump is going to do, in future, study what Putin has done since he regained his presidency, and adjust for American social and religious culture.

We are, roughly, at the point at which Rome transitioned from a republic to an empire. It's politics, not a military coup that's the vehicle for it, but have a look at all the empires in history that weren't instituted via military fiat, and it's more-or-less following the pattern.

And one of the most dangerous aspects of it all is that we're so inculcated with the notion that such things 'can't happen here' because of our ever-lauded 'checks and balances,' that it'll be a fait accompli, before anyone (including his base) actually believe it can be done.

Their path ahead, most likely, will be to keep the smoke-screen up, with their most controversial moves launched as barrage balloons, which will be expected to be shot-down, covering the framework they're building in the background. Then, later, quietly make the moves, under cover of yet more barrage balloons, until they've enough control over the media and the flow of information the public's getting that they simply don't have to bother anymore.

Meanwhile, they'll keep spinning their narrative, using all the best techniques of Madison Avenue: Constant repetition, emotionally loaded speech, and imagery, and branding, branding, branding.

Look for the continued implementation of "Free Speech Zones," and the insistence that the first amendment isn't being violated. It's enshrined. It's just that they're moving the protests and objections to a place where it won't interfere with the day-to-day activities of businesses and 'ordinary people.' Also, look for the increasing subtle vilification of Kennedy, Roosevelt, Johnson, Carter, &c. And the lionization of Nixon,Regan, both Bushes, and the like. The message will be something akin to the Great Society movement having been a 'well-meaning, but disastrous' series of programs, implemented by the Left, which nearly destroyed the country and caused pretty-much all the racial and class conflict that existed during the twentieth century.'

Look for 'religious freedom' laws, which exempt anyone who morally objects to performing services for non straight, cis-gender, White Conservative Christians from accommodating them, combined with a subtle, but ever-growing vilification of these people. Then look for the quiet repeal of most civil rights and hate-crime legislation as unnecessary and divisive. Not to mention oppressive to Conservative Christians. They'll claim that previously existing legislation will be sufficient for all, and that they're simply making the law fair for everyone by removing special protections and entitlements. Then, eventually, once people are used to seeing non-traditional lifestyles disparaged, vilified, and refused equal treatment, all it'll take is to generate a bit of moral outrage, and the gutted laws promising equality and equal treatment will themselves be repealed. Or, if they can't get manage to legislate their repeal, their new, packed SCOTUS will be able to revisit its previous decisions and simply overturn them. If the SCOTUS declares all those troublesome equality laws unconstitutional (because it creates protected classes, which is discriminatory toward White. Conservative Christians,) then there's nothing whatsoever that they can do. Those laws are nullified.

In short, we don't have the protections we think we do, and have been indoctrinated to believe we do. Those protections were always fragile, and dependent upon an intelligent, informed electorate.

We could be in for a very, very unpleasant future.
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