May. 10th, 2017

Here's proof that there is a reflexive attack - in favor of Republicans, and against Democrats.

I'm not sure if I wrote here that Comey deserved to be fired - but I was of that opinion once the letter about the Clinton e-mails went out. Let's keep in mind what happened.

The FBI found they had a bunch of Hillary Clinton's e-mails. This, by itself, was no evidence of wrongdoing. They wanted to search them - why? In order to see if there was any evidence that Hillary Clinton had deliberately shared classified information with others who weren't cleared for it.

No one has any reason to believe she'd do that, nor that she did that. There's no evidence that she might have. One can defend asking for a warrant just to show no stone was left unturned... but in keeping with that, it's even more inappropriate to take any risk of this search being made public.

So: Comey sent a letter he knew would be leaked, that made it sound as if there was reason to believe Hillary Clinton might be guilty of a crime, when he had no evidence of wrongdoing, and no real reason to suspect he might find it.

Yeah. He deserved to be fired.

And while many people did discuss how wrong it was for Comey to deliberately interfere with the election, you can recall a fascinating tidbit: none of them bothered to point out that the law was such that he was all-but guaranteed to find nothing damning.

Right then and there was the time for honor to show: an honorable person would not only have denounced Comey, but also point out that he was conducting a baseless investigation in the first place. Honor was absent.

Now, when Trump fires Comey, suddenly people are acting all "he deserved it" when they didn't give a damn months ago? When the reasons for the firing are the same reasons that have been present since October?

Listen: it's one thing to say "I'm sure Trump had a good reason to do this, and was just completely tone deaf in doing it now." But to defend the act, rather than admit it stinks on ice? Give me a break. This is a deliberate and clear attempt to run interference, and I hope people remember this a few months down the road as more, and worse, comes out.

Because remember: this is the fault of the entire Republican establishment, and most emphatically the right wing media. All they had to do was admit that Trump is incompetent and the Presidency is too important. Some of them had the decency to go "NeverTrump" but all too many of them simply tried to distance themselves, while hoping to hitch a ride on his star.
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