Feb. 3rd, 2017

Rick Perry finally realizes that the Department Of Energy has value Yeah, I know, it's old, so, sue me.

As I said, this is one of the most Republican (Party) things I've ever seen. He didn't have any idea - none whatsoever - of what the DOE did. But he was agin' it. Because he wants to cut the Federal Government, which, as you know, is a festering, ravenous beast unless and until you can get to control a piece of it.

It's really pretty crazy, how often the Republicans or individual Republicans, try to do something that's stone cold, bone headed, amazingly stupid, but throw up enough high falutin soundbites to make it sounds good. "We just want to shrink government" they say, "so let's get rid of the agency responsible for maintaining our nuclear weapons arsenal! Oh, wait, we didn't bother to learn that's a fair chunk of what the DOE does before flapping our yaps, but please forget about that and let us run the durn thing!"

Trouble is, we put an incompetent Texan in charge of something important before, and George W brought us 9/11, Iraq, Daesh (aka ISIS(?)), and the response to Katrina (and not the fun one - this was the one with the waves that killed people, not the one with the Waves who sang Walking On Sunshine)... oh, right, I forgot. That last is supposed to be the fault of Ray Nagin, for not using buses to evacuate people, and, I dunno, leave them on the side of the road or something, in the face of a Cat 4 hurricane, where they all would have died outside of New Orleans.

(I'm sorry - I shouldn't mock them. Oh, hell, who am I kidding, of course I should! The only thing they're worse at than governing is covering up their own stupid mistakes. I mean, I hate to insult a box of rocks, but....)

Where was I? Right, let's put Rick "Oops" Perry in charge of nuclear weapons, even if he is the sort of guy who flaps his yap and is forced to admit that he was completely and totally ignorant of the subject later. In GOP-land, we can wait for the terrible "oops" that comes in the shape of a mushroom cloud... just not the peaceful resolution to Iraq, when it was known by all informed parties that Iraq had no nuclear program.

What's scary is, Perry is probably a lot better than some of the other bozos Trump could have chosen... heaven help us all!
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