Jan. 18th, 2017

First, Trump claimed he'd met Putin; then, later, he said, no, he'd never met him, he'd been on 60 Minutes with him, and probably in different countries at the time.

He jokes about Russia hacking and asks them to hack his opponent - and as it turns out, he knew that the Russians were likely trying to subvert our democracy. But he still made the joke.

He claims during the debates that he has no ties to Putin, and Hillary would be "the puppet" - and while the latter claim is simply because he's not quick witted enough to come up with a better rejoinder than "I know you are but what am I?"

He responds to Congressman Lewis' feelings that his election wasn't legitimate due to the Russian interference with a pure-D racist tweet - since Lewis is black, he must be representing a crime ridden, burning, inner city, that is clearly the responsibility of a Congressman to fix (rather than, say, the mayor and city council, with Lewis stumping for them in Congress).

Let's skip the racism, and the complete lack of knowledge of how political power works... that's not really important right now. (What? So why did I include them? Well... I guess I like pointing out Trump's numerous flaws. To be fair and balanced, I will admit that Hillary Clinton used a e-mail server that was likely far more secure than Colin Powell's, and discussed confidential information in e-mails, which is not a crime.)

The point is: Trump has a Russia problem. And since the GOP is supporting him, and trying to hush up questions about Russia, the GOP has one too.

And here's the thing: there's one way to show that all of this speculation is complete nonsense. Demand a full, fair, investigation, with a non-classified report issued to everyone. He has no ties to Russia or Putin, right? So they'll dig, they'll find some suspicious connections[1], follow up on them, and find no proof.

As is common in all such investigations not involving Bill or Hillary Clinton, the lack of any hard evidence will establish to all reasonable people that nothing is wrong.

So: why won't he investigate? Hell, he'll be the boss of the investigators! Unless there's something seriously amiss, they won't tick off their boss by leaking innocuous, meaningless connections!

The GOP is fond of saying "why are you so afraid if you have nothing to hide?" I never agreed with this - I actually do have some perfectly legal, perfectly ethical, and perfectly moral things I like to keep personal. Nevertheless, turnabout is fair play: if Trump has nothing to hide, why is he afraid?

This raises my biggest fear about Trump. I think he's in contact with Russia, and thinks he can play them. But Trump is far too easy to play - and worse, he doesn't realize it. Any weakness is ten times easier to cover for if you acknowledge it and try to work around it - but one you deny is that much more vulnerable.

When there's a simple, easy, and obvious way forward, Trump seeks obscurity. Why? If America is to be Great, we need to know that Russia isn't pulling any strings.

[1] Trump has friends who work in/with Russia. With that, there will be some suspicious connections. "Suspicious" is not a nasty word - it means that a thorough investigator must follow up on it.
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