Jan. 4th, 2017

As you know, the House GOP has a serious stance regarding accountability over ethics and corruption. They're against it

And the media has a serious stance about holding politicians accountable. They report that the House GOP leadership "spoke against it" - without noting, of course, that the ballot was secret, and those same leaders could have voted in favor.

Some also jumped on how Trump sent a tweet and they backed down. And the Post, at least,
tells the story better than others. Some insisted Trump's tweet was key in defeating this ploy.

It would be politically incorrect, and quite rude to point out that Trump could have orchestrated his tweet with Republican House members who knew they'd have to reverse course.

Oh: Did you realize Trump could have orchestrated this with other Republicans who realized that it was doomed? So, this could be a bit of kabuki theater where no one can get blamed for the vote (remember: secret ballot!) but they can help cover Trump in glory by convincing people that he gets things done.

Let's look over Trump's wins. He got his Veep-elect to bribe Carrier to keep some (but certainly not all!) jobs they'd planned to move (and took credit for saving jobs they never planned to move in the first place!).

He's gotten some people to make announcements regarding jobs - here, there is no direct evidence of bribery, but remember the President is in charge of regulatory agencies. They get to decide if people are following the regulations that keep the American people safe. And we know every big business whines about how they could make so much more money, if they didn't have to worry about harming people... so, I'll call it a bribe. "The President owes you a favor" is a big deal even if you don't plan to use it to escape penalties for lawbreaking.

And he sent a tweet that happened to mirror public opinion, just as people were already deciding to scrap a bad idea.

I'm probably being viciously partisan, or maybe "shrill" when I point out that this looks a lot like the GOP is trying to seize the news cycle rather than trying to do anything to help the American people, or American workers.

If so, I'll cop to that accusation - because that's what the Republicans do! They try to seize the "narrative". And if you don't watch out for them, they just might suck you in.
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